Is the new Private School Scholarship Bill a publicly funded voucher or tax credit for private business in disguise?

Rep. John Vander Woude has introduced a bill that would create new scholarships students could use to pursue an education outside the public school system. If this bill passes, supporters could propose a tax credit to serve as an incentive for companies to donate to the scholarship fund in the future. While The Idaho Constitution prevents public funds to be used for private schools, a law could be passes to allow tax credits for donations to these private entities, reducing the tax revenue for the state that might otherwise go to public education. For more information on the bill, see IDEDNEWS's report: HOUSE EDUCATION INTRODUCES NEW PRIVATE SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP BILL

How do Vouchers affect Public Education?

The Idaho Education Association has create a page that shows how vouchers can affect students in public education. You can find this information on their site: Protect Idaho‚Äôs Public Schools.  There is also a link with a schedule of your representatives open house meetings. 

Want to contact the House Education Committee? Here is their web page with contacts: Idaho Education Committee.


Here's the Official Statement from the Idaho Education Association,

the Idaho School Boards Association,

and the Idaho Association of School Administrators.

(See Below for an official statement from the leaders of the west ada School district)


The Official Statement from The Leaders of the West Ada School District