Who Supports West Ada?

On the fence about supporting Bond and Levy Elections? See what local residences, businesses, and organizations have to say.

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meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd

Our residents continue to express concerns about the current conditions at schools, which are way beyond capacity. While I firmly believe the State of Idaho, not the property owners, has a major role to play in providing schools, at this time it is incumbent on the current residents of West Ada to come together in support of our kids to provide for their needs in Idaho's largest district. I haven't been shy about my personal commitment to the education of Meridian and the area's future leaders - our children. I will vote on March 13th in favor of the bond and supplemental levy.


I urge others to join me as it will benefit our community, now and for years to come.




Tammy de Weerd, Mayor City of Meridian

Eagle Mayor Stan RIdgeway

As a former member and president of a local Board of Education, free public education has always been a top priority for me. I have consistently voted for bonding levies to fund new buildings and infrastructure for public education when other funding sources were not available. For the upcoming bond vote on March 13, 2018, I will again be casting my vote to build new schools to serve our students here in Eagle. 


I will also vote for the operational levy because there is a crucial need to adequately supply classroom time for our students. Cutting school days should not be an option because of budget constraints. With that said, I think it is imperative that we advocate for our students by insisting that our State Legislature fund education as stated in the Idaho Constitution. Please contact Senator Hagedorn, and Representatives Moyle and Demordant to fund public education at the appropriate level. We should not be forced to fund education through local levies.


I am happy to discuss this bond and other issues in our community with Eagle residents, feel free to contact me.


Stan Ridgeway, Mayor City of Eagle


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Star Mayor Chad Bell

I would like to express my support for the West Ada School District and specifically the bond issues that are being put forth this spring.  I hope we all realize how vital it is that in such a thriving, growing community our schools get the needed funding to keep pace with the rapidly expanding population.  Our students need our help to ensure they have every advantage when it comes to their education.  Please join me in making sure the bonds pass and our children have necessary facilities for a great education.




Mayor Chad Bell

Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

I fully support the West Ada School District’s proposed bond and supplemental levy set to come before district voters on March 13. The importance of teachers, principals and school staff to the future of our children cannot be overstated – their success in the classroom is essential. As a community, we must provide the support our schools need to serve their students. Please vote ‘YES’ for the bond and supplemental levy to ensure the quality of education that our children receive.




Mayor Dave Bieter



Garden City Mayor John Evans

Keeping up with our growing student facilities needs is a vital element in maintaining our quality of education.  

Please support the bond and levy elections on March 13th.

Thank you,

Mayor John Evans

Kuna Mayor Joe Stear

Awaiting response for endorsement.

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Meridian Chamber of Commerce


The Board of Directors for the Meridian Chamber of Commerce has voted unanimously to support the West Ada School District bond and supplemental Levy on March 13.  The Chamber’s Board of Directors feels that a strong local education system is vital in providing its members with a qualified, well-trained workforce.   The Board of Directors carefully investigated the proposed bond programs, asked questions and reviewed data before voting unanimously to support the bond issues. The Chamber views the investment in facilities, together with efficient financial practices, as parallel tracks for success.  Due to the increase in property tax value in West Ada, the tax levy rate will not increase if voters approve these measures.  We encourage West Ada voters to vote Yes for the bond program and support West Ada Schools and administration in their efforts to provide quality education for our community.




Rich Bonney

CEO, Meridian Chamber of Commerce

Boise Metro Chamber

The Boise Metro Chamber supports the West Ada School District’s facility bond and supplemental levy on the ballot on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.  Additional facilities are needed to accommodate the increasing enrollment in the school district.  The supplemental levy will maintain instruction and operation levels.  With low spending per pupil and test scores higher than the state average, patrons receive a “big bang for the buck” from the West Ada School District.


Bill Connors, President & CEO


Boise Metro Chamber   


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Treasure Valley YMCA

“Our economic vitality and quality of life are dependent on continued excellence in the education and development of our children. Access to a high-quality education is essential for people to reach their potential. In addition, quality education is foundational to breaking the cycle of poverty and vital to ensuring a high-quality workforce.


The Y is proud to support our partners in education and youth development across our service area. We have a shared goal to help youth grow into happy, healthy, productive, and contributing citizens. The Y endorses the West Ada School District bond as a means to continue to offer the high quality education our kids deserve.”


Maureen O’Keeffe

Chair, Board of Directors

Treasure Valley Family YMCA

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