The 2018 West Ada School Bond has Passed!

We’d like to thank everyone involved in voting to help build new schools for our children!

March 13th, 2018 Bond election

Building New Schools for a Growing Community


The West Ada School District is the largest school district in Idaho and it keeps on growing.  On average the district adds 1,000 students per year to its schools. Due to current Idaho laws, bonds are the only tool that school districts have to add schools and support an ever-growing population. These bonds are only used for construction as well as to renovate and expand existing schools. Without these bonds, students will continue to be forced into overcrowded schools that decrease the quality of education.

This $95 million Bond Resolution will pay for:

  1. A New High School near McDermott and Ustick that will have a capacity of 1800 students. ($60 million)

  2. A New Elementary School on the east side of Black Cat between Chinden and McMillan with a capacity of 650 students ($16 million)

  3. Adding a new wing on to Mountain View High School and expanding the cafeteria to accommodate 600 more students. ($8 million)

  4. Renovating Star Elementary to add classrooms, a new cafeteria, gymnasium, and office that will accommodate 120 more students. and make the parking lot more accessible and safer. ($7 million)

  5. Renovating Mary McPherson Elementary to add classrooms and expand capacity by 90 students. ($1 million)

  6. Purchase land for future school sites in the district before property values in those areas rise ($3 million).

Here are some current facts about our school district.

  • Most high schools in West Ada are over capacity.

  • Rocky Mountain has 610 more students than it was built for. (26% over capacity)

  • Mountain View has 492 more students than it was built for. (22.5% over capacity)

  • Eagle High has 242 more students than it was built for. (12% over capacity)

  • A large amount of residential development is located west of Ten Mile Road, where there are no schools to support this increase in population.

  • More residential growth is starting south around the city of Star, which is located in the West Ada School District.

  • It takes 2 years to build a high school.

What if the bond doesn't pass?

If the bond doesn't pass then the district will probably have to look into purchasing and installing portables to cover the overcrowding as well as use non-traditional locations at school to have class, such as the theater stages, cafeterias, etc. 

Portables cost around $100,000-$120,000 each, and cost $60,000 to install utilities, prep the ground, etc. Not only is it costly to have portables, you have to take away field space outside, which reduces the area students have for outdoor activities. This also doesn't resolve the overcrowding you have in the hallways between class time, in the cafeteria, for participating in after school programs, and other overcrowding issues.

New schools and expansions of existing school are a necessity with Ada County's growing population

The Details

A New High School

  • The new school would open fall 2020

  • The school will have capacity for 1800 students

  • The school will be located on the north side of Ustick, just west of McDermott

  • The budgeted construction cost of the school is $60 million

  • Design work has already begun in order to open the school by fall of 2020

  • The school will relieve overcrowding at Eagle High and Rocky Mountain and absorb enrollment increases in the Meridian High School attendance area

A New Elementary School

  • Capacity of 650 students

  • Approximately 65,000 square feet

  • Separate gymnasium and cafeteria facilities

  • Located on the east side of Blackcat between Chinden and McMillan

  • Will be built using West Ada’s prototype elementary design

  • The new elementary school will be built in one of the fastest growing areas of North Meridian

Mountain View High School Expansion

  • Add a 20 classroom wing on the south side of the building

  • Increase classroom capacity by 600 student capacity

  • Expand size of cafeteria

  • Increase MVHS capacity to from 1800 to 2400 students

  • With capacity of 2400, MVHS will be able to have a feeder school system that includes two entire middle schools, rather than having a feeder system with 1.5 middle schools needed to fill a 1800 student capacity high school

  • A two middle school feeder allows all students to stay together from middle to high school.

  • Mountain View’s Current Enrollment: 2228 out of an 1800 capacity


Star Elementary Expansion

  • Add 10 classrooms

  • Expand school capacity by 300

  • Replace 1911 gymnasium/cafeteria with new cafeteria and gymnasium

  • Expand parking area to keep staff parking off of streets and in the neighboring city park lot

  • Star's Current Enrollment: 531 out of a 470 capacity

  • The 2970 approved home sites in Star’s attendance area will generate 1096 elementary students in Star’s current attendance area over the next 10 years


Mary McPherson Elementary Expansion

  • Add 6 classrooms to replace the portables.

  • Expand school capacity by 120

  • Expand parking area

  • Replace the three portables on the north side of the building with permanent classrooms

  • Mary McPherson's Current Enrollment 480 out of a 430 capacity


Due to increasing property value, the tax rate will not change.